What are your opening times?
Monday - Thursday 10-4. Messages are answered with a 5 working day turn around as orders are my priority. Please only send ONE message within 5 working day (Monday- Thursday) so your message turn around doesn’t start again.


Message turn around 

All messages received will be answered within 5 working days. This does not include weekends and bank holidays. The same turn around applied across all of our channels (website, social media, etsy, TikTok). If you send multiple messages within this time frame without allowing me to reply you will delay your response. This is because the 5 working days restarts from each message as I work oldest - newest when replying. 

How long is the current turn around? 
Standard turn around time is currently 1-4 weeks* excluding clothing (Robes, PJ's, T-Shirts & new items). For new items I only hold minimal stock to start with so I can ensure demand is there prior. These items can take longer up to 8 weeks (8 weeks is a maximum and majority of customers do not wait this long!) as I have to order them in per order placed. For robes, pjs, t-shirts and new items as stated above I will try my hardest to ensure these are dispatched within the 4 weeks but as the orders need to clear customs they can take longer. I will do everything I can to ensure the quickest dispatch.

Other items such as hangers, gift bags, bunnies etc I hold a large amount of stock so some items are on a quick dispatch. If you are unsure on turn around time please ask prior to ordering to save disappointment. Stock is ordered weekly and as soon as the items arrive, they are personalised and sent out as soon as possible. 

Please ask if you require something quickly as once order is placed no refunds will be offered. Turn around time is subject to change at any point.

What happens if turn around doesn’t suit? 
Unfortunately as I advertise my turn around before you order it is the customers responsibility to check this before ordering. No refunds will be offered in this circumstance. This includes Royal Mail delays that are out of control.

Ensuring your items arrive on time for a certain occasion. 

To ensure that items arrive on time for a certain occasion please leave at least 4 weeks plus delivery time for them to arrive with you. Please allow time for Royal Mail to deliver too sometimes they have delays. It is advised that if there is not 4 weeks between the order being placed and your requirement date then to place orders separately. For example if you need items for Mothers Day but have ordered Easter items on the same delivery it is highly likely they will not arrive in time for Mothers Day if there is not 4 weeks from the date of order. To ensure that items arrive on time you should place 2 orders, one for Mothers Day and one for Easter. As this will then be very obvious that you need certain items for Mothers Day. As stated in other terms and conditions no refunds will be offered if the timing doesn't suit. 


Can I return personalised items?

All personalised items are non refundable as they are personalised to the individual customer  


What if there is an error on my order? 

Sometimes mistakes can happen we apologise if this happens to you! If you find an error when your order arrives please inform me within 24 hours. If we are advised before 24 hours and the error is on our part a replacement item will be sent if stock allows, if no stock then a refund will be provided. 

What happens if I need to return an item? 
All items that are personalised are non refundable, however if you have an item that isn’t personalised and you’d like to return this will be at the customers cost. We do not offer returns labels or free returns. This is the case if a faulty item needs to be returned too, it’s part of our terms and conditions you accept when ordering that there are NO free returns. 

Can I cancel my order? 
No, as stock is placed on hold when an order comes in and all items are personalised I do not accept cancellations 

Payments via Klarna 

Payments via Klarna are accepted to help spread the cost of orders. Please note that if you place a order via Klarna that contains stock that needs to be ordered in (robes and pjs) then your 4 week turn around will start once the payment has cleared. This is approximately 3 weeks, once the payment has hit my account your stock will be ordered and your turn around will start. This will mean that your turn around will be on average 7 weeks. Please do not chase prior to this time frame. If you’ve placed an order via Klarna and the order does not include robes or pjs then the standard 4 week turn around will apply. This is in place to ensure that the payment clears before I start to process the order. 

Clearance stock 

All stock included in our clearance section is non refundable. These items are sold of cheaply because they are discontinued and are classed as “seconds”. Seconds definition “These items are not perfect, and cannot be sold at full price. This could include colour, slight damage or marks on the products. As a result of these items being sold off cheap no refunds or exchanges are available. 

Tester rate terms & conditions 

Every now and again I will launch new products and offer a tester rate on the page. This rate is much cheaper than the normal price as these items will be my practice runs. Due to this the products may not be perfect, they may have small issues like wording not being completely straight, ink may not be as bright as standard, you may find colours are not quiet right, double printing (this means a slight, faint mark or wording on the item which wouldn’t normally be there at full price), small dents, or slightly out of shape etc. The item could become faulty after use. This is reflected in the cost of the product hence why they are much cheaper than a standard product. All posts will read “please ensure you’ve read the terms and conditions before ordering” it is the customers responsibility to ensure they have read this information.
At all times the standard 4 week turn around will try and be kept to but if you’re ordering a tester product this can take up to 8 weeks. This is due to the fact that these products are new and I have to order stock and practise these new items which takes times. Under NO circumstances will these products be refunded or replaced as they’ve been sold as testers. A requirement of being a tester is providing feedback on how you find the products, any faults or errors and these will be taken on board for information purposes for the future stock of the product. Please do not order if the above doesn’t suit you  

Last updated: January 2023.

Changing details after order is placed 

If you have placed your order and notice you have made a mistake please notifying me within 4 hours so this can be changed. Anything after the 4 hour mark may not be able to be changed as I try and work as quickly as I can to ensure quick turn around. 


How are items shipped?

Items are shipped Royal Mail second class. On average this takes 2-5 working days but can take anything up to 10 working days. Please only chase after 10 working days. Tracking will be provided so we can both keep an eye on it. Unfortunately Royal Mail delays are out of my control so any issues please take it up with there customer service team. 
Larger orders are sent via Evri to save the customer money on postage. This again takes on average 2-5 workings days but can take up to 10 working days.  Tracking numbers are provided.